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Adding additional Businesses to GatherUp

This post shows how to add one or multiple additional businesses to GatherUp.com

Large Agencies and Multi Location Businesses:
If you have several businesses to add you could consider the “Business Import Tool” option, rather than adding the businesses manually.

1) Log into GatherUp.com

2) Look in the upper left of your Business Dashboard for the “Add Business” button.

Or look in the upper right of your Customer Dashboard for the “Add Business” button.


3) Fill out the Business Form. Important – if your Business is already established in Google Search Rankings make sure to use the exact same business address and phone number that is listed for your business in Google.

Choose a “Business Type” from the dropdown at the bottom of the form. The options are limited (this is Schema.org limitation – not something GatherUp controls). If none of the options apply to you choose “Local Business”.

4) Once the Business has been added it will become a selectable option in your Dashboard. Click on the Business to edit, delete and to add customers to that business.

multi dashboard GatherUp

5) Repeat the steps for additional Businesses.

Optional 6) You can set up “User Accounts” to let other people manage selected businesses.

ProTip: If your Business has multiple locations it is advisable to enter each location as a standalone business. This allows you to collect feedback from each of your locations and even helps you identify if one location has a higher customer satisfaction rate compared to the other. More info here.

ProTip: Discounted pricing tiers based on the number of Businesses you have in your account will automatically be applied to your account based on the chart here.

Updated on August 25, 2018

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