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Tips for adding Businesses with multiple locations

This post answers a few common questions on how to add businesses with multiple locations into GatherUp.com and how to display testimonials and reviews for each location.

Scenario #1 – Multi Location Businesses

My Business has multiple offices in different parts of the city, but only one business name. I would like to collect reviews and testimonials for each location.

The best way is to treat each location as a “stand-alone” business. It really does not matter if the locations are just a few blocks from each other or if the locations are in other cities or even other countries.

Doing so allows you to monitor the customer happiness for each location rather than your company as a whole. You will be able to quickly identify if there are isolated problems specific to a location. Or perhaps learn from a business location that produces exceptionally happy customers and apply what you learned to your other locations.

The following steps remain the same.

a) Log into GatherUp
b) Click on “Add Business”
c) Give the Business Name a suffix consisting of your Street Name or City


Scenario #2 – Office or Firm with multiple Doctors, Lawyers etc

If I add a business that is a medical practice or law firm, do I add the doctors and lawyers each as separate businesses? Or do they need to be linked somehow to the practice business?

That is up to you and if you want to track the customer happiness for each doctor.

Option 1 – Recommended) The practice has 3 doctors and is interested in measuring the customer happiness for each doctor. The website (ideally) has a page for each doctor, which could include the testimonials for each doctor or link to a doctor specific page that features his/her customer testimonials.

In this case you would enter each doctor as a separate Business. Assuming the practice only has one Facebook Page or Google profile you would of course have the same links to Facebook and Google in each doctors Online Review links options.

Screenshot Option #1 – Recommended – Each doctor is added as a “Business”, which allows to track the customer satisfaction for each doctor.

Option 2 – Not Recommended) The practice has 3 doctors and is just looking for an increase in their online review count as well showing a few general reviews on their website. In this case you would set up the Practice as a single business. You would not be able to track the doctors individual customer happiness.

Screenshot Option #2 – One account to track the customer happiness for all doctors.

Scenario #3 – Multi Location but only one Website

I only have “one” website, but I would like to show the reviews and testimonials for each of my business locations.

We highly recommend for you to set up a “City” or “Location” specific landing page on your website. This is something that you should have anyway as far as best SEO practices goes.


Having city specific landing pages not only helps you rank well in local search results, but will also be the perfect place for your testimonials widget. Remember – GatherUp will place your reviews as ‘Original Content’ onto your page. Plus the reviews use the Schema.org markup telling Google that those are reviews.

We advise against placing multiple Testimonials Widgets from multiple locations onto the same page. Google will index the reviews for the individual business location and having more than one Business Address using Schema will cause Google to possibly not index the reviews correctly. Please create a page for each of your locations.

You can use “Testimonials Badge(s)” on your homepage or sidebars to link to each location page.

Updated on August 25, 2018

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