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Automate Requests Using Zapier

Use Zapier to integrate GatherUp with your specific tech to pass customer information into GatherUp and automate requests.

More examples can be found here: https://zapier.com/help/GatherUp/

Zapier Makes It Easy To Import Customers

Many customers have asked us for an efficient and easy way to import customers from other web services and online apps. Until now, you had to manually export your customers and import them into GatherUp, or you could build your own integration with our API.

Zapier gives us and our clients an efficient and easy way to import customers from other web services and online apps. Zapier was created to automate those type of tasks between online apps without the need for development teams and coding knowledge.

Quick Setup List

  1. Create a Zapier Account and a GatherUp Account (if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Create a Zap with your favorite Web App and GatherUp
  3. Turn your Zap on.
  4. Switch your GatherUp communication method to “Automatic”
  5. That’s it!

Tools you need:

  • A Zapier Account
  • A GatherUp Account
  • An account for the software you’d like to integrate to GatherUp – Google Sheets in this example

Information you need:  

Automate Feedback Request Example Using Zapier 

The following example will create a new customer in GatherUp and send out a feedback request email whenever a new row is added to the bottom of the Google Sheet. You can, of course, choose a different Web App and you can set a different trigger other than row added.

1. Log into Zapier and click on “Make a New Zap”

2. Choose your “Zapier Trigger App”. We are using Google Sheets as an example. Use the search box to find the app.

3. Choose what your trigger should be. For example whenever a New Spreadsheet Row is added to the bottom of a spreadsheet.

Pro-tip: If you haven’t already, now is a good time to put some examples into your Google Sheet, I copied the data from GatherUp’s Customer List Import Template and pasted it into a blank Google Sheet for my example content.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions. With the test successful, it’s time to add an actions step by clicking the “+Add a Step” button.

5. Use the search box to find the GatherUp app and select it as your “Zapier Action App”.

6. Choose your action – which is “Create Customer”

7. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to Select a GatherUp Account. Click the “Connect Account” button near the bottom of the screen.

8. Enter the API Key, Client Key and Business ID from your GatherUp Account Owner Details Screen. Then click the “Yes, Continue” button.

With your new GatherUp Account selected, click the “Save + Continue” button

9. Configure which Google Sheets fields should populate the required information to create a customer in GatherUp.

The Business Name, Customer First Name, and Customer Last Name fields are required during this setup. Use the dropdown buttons shown in the next screenshot to find this information. Click the “Continue” button when you’re ready.

10. The final screen should show “Test was successful” Click “Finish” button.

11. Name your Zap. And most importantly “TURN ON” your Zap

12. Log into your GatherUp account, navigate to the Customer Activity Screen for your business location, and set the communication method to “Automatic Mode”. More info here.

You are all done!

Thanks to Zapier and GatherUp your integration options are endless.

We would love to know how you are utilizing Zapier. Ping us with your ideas and suggestions on how to make GatherUp even easier for you.

Updated on March 5, 2019

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