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Business Report

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Business Report Introduction

The “Business Report” is an update to our old “Business Level Reporting”, bringing that data into a visual, sortable format.

=> Single locations can view a row of valuable data across the location’s performance.

=> Multi-locations will benefit from the ability to sort out what locations are performing best in each column like NPS, Feedback Rate and New Reviews.

Business Report Key Features and Functions

  • The current “Business Level Report” is still available on this page by clicking the Download CSV file.
  • Ability to sort each data column in ascending or descending order.
  • Ability for multi-locations to only display specific label(s) in the report
  • Date range selection including custom date range
  • Save/print as PDF
  • New column added for Feedback rate
  • Keyword search box

How to access the Business Report

The Business Report can be accessed via the main menu directly from the “Business Dashboard” or “Customer Dashboard.



How to sort and filter the Business Report data

Use the “Label” dropdown to display all or specific businesses that have a certain label assigned to them. By default all businesses are displayed.


Click on the arrows in the column header to sort the data.


Exporting Business Report data as PDF or CSV

Specify a “Date Range” and choose to download as CSV. As alternative you can also save as PDF.


The CSV file generated is compatible with any spreadsheet program and application such as MS Excel, Apple Pages, Open Office and Google Spreadsheets among others.

Updated on August 25, 2018

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