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Email alert if a User creates new businesses

GatherUp.com allows the main account owner to create one or multiple “User” account(s).

Having the ability to create Users is a great way to delegate management of a single business or groups of business locations to your staff or clients.

When the User logs into the Business Dashboard they see only the businesses you assigned to them.


The User will also have the ability to create additional Businesses or Business Locations in their dashboard. Any newly created business will be assigned only to the User who created the business and will not be visible to other Users.

The main account owner will receive an alert email when and if a new business has been created by a User.

This is also ideal for Agencies that let their customers manage their own accounts. Making it easy for the client to add a new business location may result in higher revenues due to more business locations.

The main account owner can also assign the newly created business to additional Users. The User itself cannot assign the business to other Users, since the User cannot see other Users that are on the account.

Manager-created -new-business


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Updated on January 6, 2015

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