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Feedback Requests via SMS Text Message

Using GatherUp, you can send feedback and review requests via text message to stand out. Send text-only SMS (Short Message Service) requests or include an image using MMS (Multimedia Message Service) requests.

Feedback Requests via text are sent between 9AM-9PM in the time zone your business is located in.

Why Send Feedback Requests Via Text Messaging?

Text messages have a 98% open rate. Requests sent via text message give customers easy access to your feedback experience. This mobile-friendly experience will lead to more feedback and reviews for your business.

Customize Your Text Request Using SMS Settings

Your SMS Settings are easy to access in GatherUp. Add an image to stand out to customers and craft a compelling ask.

  1. Log in to your GatherUp account.
  2. If you have multiple locations, select the location you would like to customize your SMS Settings for from the Business Dashboard.
  3. From the menu, go to Requests > SMS Requests to select message type, add an image, and edit request message.

Sending Requests Via Text Requires Pro Plan Or Higher

Access SMS Requests, and other features, on Pro Plan or higher. You must be the account owner to upgrade a plan.

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and click Account Owner Details from the menu.
  2. Near the bottom of the page you will see a section called Package Information. Here you will see all of the business locations in your account.
  3. Hover over the Package section on the location you want to change, and select the Pro package to enable SMS.

If you are an Agency or have a white-label account, you can manage plans per location. Pricing tiers for agencies and resellers have been updated on our Agency Page.

Updated on March 14, 2019

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