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SMS Requests

Send a feedback request to your customer via text message using SMS Requests. The text includes a link to your selected Request Mode that the customer can click to complete the feedback process. There are two types of SMS Requests available:

A Reminder Email can be sent to customers who receive an SMS Request but do not reply. 

Sending SMS Requests for a location requires the Pro Plan or higher. If you are an Agency or have a white-label account, you can manage plans per location. View Digital Agency Pricing.

SMS Request (Short Message Service)

Example of an SMS Request including a link to complete the feedback request.
  • SMS requests are text only
  • 160 character limit
  • Requires 1 credit to send

MMS Request (Multimedia Message Service)

Example of an MMS request including image and link to feedback request.
  • MMS requests include an image
  • 240 character limit
  • Requires 2 credits to send

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Updated on August 20, 2019

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