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Unique Feedback URL – Campaign Tracking

GatherUp provided a unique feedback URL (example https://GatherUp.com/f-4) which allows you to send customers to your feedback page via HTML Links, in CRMs, reservation systems or printed materials.

Prerequisite: Learn how to retrieve your feedback URL click here.

By adding a Feedback URL campaign tracking code / prefix you can now determine which of those campaigns has worked and how well it has worked.

You can add any prefix of your choice to the end of your unique feedback URL.


  • ?source=label
  • ?source=businesscard
  • ?source=newsletter
  • ?source=qrcode

The complete Feedback URL would look like this:

  • https://GatherUp.com/f-4?source=label
  • https://GatherUp.com/f-4?source=businesscard
  • https://GatherUp.com/f-4?source=newsletter
  • https://GatherUp.com/f-4?source=qrcode

The results will be broken out separately at the bottom of the Performance Report.


You may also be interested in Pre-filling the Feedback Request Form via API calls. See here.

Updated on August 25, 2018

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