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How Do I Request a Review in Kiosk Mode?

In Kiosk Mode, Online Review Links are only shown in the Positive Feedback Email.

The email will be sent directly to the customer’s email inbox. This allows the customer to leave an online review from the their own IP address. The email will be opened on the customer’s device, thus making it more likely for them to be logged into Facebook, Google etc. making leaving a review easier.

How Do I Configure the Positive Feedback Email for Kiosk Mode?

You can configure the Positive Feedback Email specifically for Kiosk Mode customers. This allows you to word the email in a way that acknowledges the kiosk experience and encourages an online review.

To configure the Positive Feedback Email for Kiosk Mode follow these steps:

1. Log into your GatherUp.com account
2. Click on the business’ name in the Business Dashboard. Note: If you don’t see a Business Dashboard, you only have a single location and can skip to step three.


3. Navigate to Settings –> Kiosk Mode


4. Scroll down and expand the “Kiosk Mode – Positive Feedback – Follow Up Email” section


5. Click the Edit Body button


6. Make your desired text changes

7. Click Update & Preview button to save changes


Online Review Links will not been shown on the Positive Feedback Thank You Page in Kiosk Mode. Having happy customers leave an online review on your kiosk device would result in all of these reviews coming from the same IP address. Doing so can result in reviews being filtered or removed.

Additionally, it would require the customer to log into their account with Google, Facebook etc. on your kiosk device.

Updated on May 11, 2017

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