How To Build Your Agency Dashboard

Designed to create efficiencies for managing multiple clients, Agency Dashboard rolls up locations into a single line under a client name, provides shortcuts to actions for efficient workflows, and introduces Agency User.

As of December 5th, 2018 most Agency accounts have been converted to include Agency Dashboard.

When your account was converted, all your business locations were moved into Agency Dashboard under the Client Name of Unassigned. You can continue to use your account as you did before by selecting Unassigned which will take you to the Business Dashboard you are familiar with.

Building Your Agency Dashboard

If you wish to utilize the benefits of Agency Dashboard, complete the following steps to review Users, create clients, and assign business locations to clients to build your Agency Dashboard.


You must be the Account Owner to complete these steps.

Step 1: Log In To Your Account

As the Account Owner, log in to your account and you will be logged in to the Agency Dashboard. Because your account was converted, you will see the following:

Group Your Locations By Client – This wizard will help you create clients and assign locations.

Clients – All your locations have been migrated to a default client named Unassigned. This is the default Client Name that appears when there are locations in your account that are not assigned to a client.

As you complete the steps to create clients and assign locations, you will build your Agency Dashboard.

Step 2: NEW Agency User Role

With the conversion to Agency Dashboard, all users (and the locations they were assigned to) were maintained. However, you can now create or convert a user to an Agency User.

You can assign one or multiple clients to an Agency User and their Agency Dashboard will show only those clients they’ve been assigned. Agency Users have the following permissions in Agency Dashboard:

  • Add client(s)
  • Edit or delete an assigned client
  • View and manage all business locations of an assigned client
  • View News & Updates (if option is selected when created)

An Agency User will also have user permissions within an assigned client including the ability to:

  • Create a new business
  • Delete an existing business
  • Manage Auto-Tagging
  • Create, edit, and delete Users

To review your current users, from the Agency Dashboard go to Account Owner > Manage Agency Users. You will see a list of your existing users. Here, you can add an Agency User or convert an existing User to an Agency User and assign the correct clients.  


An Agency User cannot create another Agency User. Only the Account Owner can create convert a user to an Agency User.

Step 3: Create Clients

To get started with creating clients, return to Agency Dashboard and select Assign Locations To Client.

Here, you will create a client. Enter the Client Name you wish to assign locations to and click Save.

Step 4 – Assign Locations To Client (Wizard)

You can now use Locations and/or Labels to assign locations to your client.

– Using the Locations drop-down you can select unassigned locations in your account that you wish to assign to this client. Then click Add to assign those locations to the client.

Labels: If you used labels in your account, they will be shown here and you can select labels you wish to assign to a client. All locations with that label will be assigned to the client.

Once you have added all locations to a client, click Save – Add Another Client to repeat the process until all clients have been added and all locations have been assigned or Save – Return to Dashboard if you have assigned all locations in your account to a client.


As you create clients and assign locations, you may receive this Alert dialog box.

This alert tells you that a User in your account is already assigned to a client. Please select how you want to manage this user.

Reassign this user. Create this user assigned to this client and location. Remove the user from the other client.

Delete this user. Remove this user from the current client you are transferring. The user will remain connected to the client listed above.

Create a new user. Enter a new unique email address for the user and the client.

Upgrade user to an Agency Manager. This user can be assigned to one or multiple clients in your account. Please assign user to all clients they should have access to in the next screen.

Your Agency Dashboard Is Now Complete

All your locations rolled into clients, what a great new view! Landed a new client today? Simply click + Add Client from the Agency Dashboard and follow the wizard to create your new client and add their location(s).

Updated on April 26, 2019

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