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How to Automatically Tag Reviews with Auto-Tagging

This feature is available to locations that are on the Pro Plan and up.  Learn how to upgrade your location to a Pro Plan here.

Use Auto-Tagging to automatically apply tags to all incoming feedback based on the keywords used in the customer’s 1st party review content. If you haven’t previously used Tags, Auto-Tagging makes it easy to start. Use Auto-Tagging to apply Tags to existing feedback in your account.

Tags have many uses and benefits. You can use Tags to:

Creating A Tag For Auto-tagging

Go to Settings > Auto-Tag to find three easy steps to create auto-tags in your account.

  1. Tag Name: Name your tag. The tag name appears below tagged feedback in Customer Activity and as a select in filters.
  2. Auto-Tagging Keywords: Add keywords. The system will scan 1st party reviews as they come in, identify desired keywords, and automatically tag the review with the correct Tag Name. There is no need to include plurals in your keywords as the system will look for them automatically. If you include phrases in your keywords such as “cold food” or “poor service” the system will only tag a review that has an exact match to your keyword phrase.
  3. Apply To Older Feedback: You can use Auto-Tag Settings to apply tags to all of your existing 1st party reviews in your account. Please allow 24 hours for the system to get the job done.

Once tags have been added and applied to your feedback, use them to create powerful Tag Widgets for your website and to filter data in Customer Activity to find actionable insights. There are many benefits to using Tags and the added functionality of Auto-Tagging saves you time.

Updated on March 11, 2019

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