Selling GatherUp as a Service

The following post highlights the basic steps for Selling GatherUp to your Clients.

selling reputation management

1) The first step is to set up an account by visiting

2) Add all your clients as a business under your GatherUp account. Here is how.

3) Your clients can have access to their business dashboard without seeing any other businesses you manage or your billing information etc. See here for how to.

4) You will be billed monthly for the amount of businesses you have at the end of your billing cycle. See here for our pricing tiers and discounts that apply.

This allows you to markup and invoice your customers any price you want.

5) Bundle GatherUp with other Services you offer. You might be already offering other services such as SEO, Website Maintenance etc. GatherUp is a great way to offer ‘Reputation Management’ along with those services or as a standalone service.

6) How much should I charge my client? This depends if you are managing everything for your client or if you are just setting up an account for a DIY client. We have seen fully managed accounts going for $75 to $90+ (per business location – per month) and DIY Clients for about $40 to $65 (per business location – per month). Please note pricing may vary drastically based on your geographic location and the business type you are managing.

7) How to offer a Free Trial to my customers?

Your billing date stays the same every month. For example if your last billing date was on 04-25-2015. Your next one will be on 05-25-2015. We will charge you only for the amount of businesses in your account on your billing date.

You can add and remove businesses freely between your billing dates. This gives you a trial period of almost one month when adding new businesses after your billing day.

Don’t forget to remove (delete) any unused businesses before your billing day – otherwise you will be charged. We cannot offer refunds for services rendered.

8) “I am worried that my “tech savy” DIY customers will google GatherUp and set up their own account”. No problem – we are offering Whitelabeling. Please have a look at this post.

9) Are there any materials that help me Sell?

White-labeled Intro Video

White-labeled Powerpoint (direct download 7MB Zip file)

White-label Sales Script in PDF format for Powerpoint above (direct download PDF)

How does GatherUp Work? White-label Flowchart.

UserGuide XML Export

10) You may also enjoy our “Quick Guide” on “Responding to Client Rejections about Online Reviews

Updated on September 4, 2018

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