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Javascript Widget – Schema Test

GatherUp offers a Javascript based Testimonials Widget and Badge.

This is an ideal solution for customers using Weebly, WIX, Fourspace, ASP.net and any other content management system or website builder that does not support PHP.

Unfortunately, the Google Structured Data Testing tool can not render Javascript from the page URL. It is necessary to go into Chrome (or some such) and copy the rendered HTML into the Google Structured Data Testing tool.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step #1
– Goto your live page and copy the rendered HTML code for the page.

– Option a) There are plug ins for Chrome that do this like SnappySnippet

– Option b) Using “Inspect Element” in Chrome: Right click to Inspect Element, Goto Body and Copy Element.

– Here is a YouTube video showing you how.


Step #2
– Visit the Google Structured Data Testing tool and select “Code snippet”.

– Paste your code from Step #1 and select “Run Test”.


Step #3
– You should see your Schema output.

– P.S You can safely ignore the “warning” about “priceRange” not specified. It is not a required field and mostly applies to ecommerce sites. It will not impact anything.


Updated on July 22, 2017

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