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JSON Endpoint for GatherUp

The following JSON endpoints are alternatives to using the GatherUp API /feedbacks/get or /responses/get.

JSON Endpoint URL

The JSON Endpoint URL for real-time feedback and response feed using the Business ID is:


To use, replace BUSINESS_ID with your actual business id as shown in this example:


SEE ALSO: Business ID


The output per page is limited to 5 feedbacks to provide maximum speed and performance. Add the following to the Endpoint URL to integrate with new or existing pagination on your site.


To use, replace PAGENUMBER as shown in this example:


“perPage” Parameter:

An optional parameter, “perPage” specifies the number of reviews per page when added to the Endpoint URL + Pagination:


The min. value is 1 and the max. value is 100. If the parameter is not set, 5 reviews will show by default. If the parameter is set to 100 but the location has only 18 reviews, nothing will break, it will show only 18 reviews.

To use, replace # as shown in this example:


“onlyApproved” Parameter

An optional parameter, “onlyApproved” specifies the review calculation to be used when added to the Endpoint URL:

?&onlyApproved=1 (default, shows only approved reviews)
?&onlyApproved=0 (shows all reviews)

If the parameter is not set only approved reviews will be calculated.

To use, add a parameter to the Endpoint URL as shown in this example:


Advanced Filtering

The data available via the JSON Endpoint URL can be filtered using Tags by adding the following to the URL:


To use, replace _____ with a Tag used in your GatherUp account as shown in this example:



White-label JSON Endpoint URL

White-label customers can replace http://app.GatherUp.com in the JSON Endpoint URL with their own URL as shown in this example:


White-label customers using the ‘Custom Field’ option in GatherUp can also use their custom field prefix and custom field ID instead of the Business ID.

Updated on December 5, 2019

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