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Json Endpoint for GatherUp Feedbacks and Testimonials

The following JSON endpoint is an alternative to using the GatherUp API:

Feedback Data

JSON Endpoint for real time feedback and response feed using the Business ID: https://GatherUp.com/reviews/BUSINESS_ID.0.json

– Please replace BUSINESS_ID with your actual business id.
– Example: https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.0.json

To find the business ID see here.


The output per page is limited to 5 feedbacks to provide maximum speed and performance.
Add ?page=PAGENUMBER to endpoint URL to integrate with new or existing pagination on your site.


Page 1) https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.0.json?page=1
Page 2) https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.0.json?page=2
Page 3) https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.0.json?page=3

Advanced Filtering

The output can be filtered using “Tags”. See here for how to tag your feedback.


Example using three tags for your feedback such as: Boat, RV, Car

Tag 1) https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.Boat.json
Tag 2) https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.RV.json
Tag 3) https://app.GatherUp.com/reviews/1704.Car.json

White-label customers can replace the URL (http://apps.GatherUp.com) with their own URL.

White-label customers using the ‘Custom Field’ option in GatherUp can also use their custom field prefix and custom field ID instead of the Business ID.

Ping us at support@GatherUp.com for questions you may have!

Updated on December 14, 2018

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