Location Finder

What is the Location Finder?

The GatherUp Location Finder allows your customers to locate a branch, office or store using a simple address or zip lookup, as well as using a receipt number or other location code in order to leave feedback.



How can I customize the Location Finder screens?

The “Location Finder” setup menu can be accessed using the following URL:

For White-label accounts add: “…/location-finder/manage” to the end of your domain.

What is my Location Finder URL?

The setup page will also contain your unique location finder URL to be used on your webpages or elsewhere.


Which businesses will show in my Location Finder?

All businesses in your account will automatically be ingested and will be searchable using your Location Finder URL.

If you are reseller or digital agency wishing to offer the store locater to only selected businesses in your account you would please need to create a new stand-alone account that contains just those businesses. Contact support@GatherUp.com and we can assist moving businesses into a stand alone account for you.

Updated on October 22, 2018

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