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Manage Customers Using Customer Activity

Customer Activity pulls together all your customers and 1st party reviews into one screen. This provides a real-time stream of all customer activity and powers efficient workflows that save you time.

Single Location Businesses: Customer Activity will be the screen you see when you login.

Multi-Location Businesses: Upon logging in, you will see the Business Dashboard. You can select Customer Activity from the left-hand menu to view all activity for all locations or select a location to view Customer Activity for only that location.

Customer Activity In Real-Time, With Tools & Metrics, In 1 Screen

Customer Activity provides an overview of 1st-Party reviews from all your locations. Tools are organized into this interactive interface to help you manage customers efficiently and gain actionable insights from your data in just one screen.

  • Adjustable metrics provide performance at-a-glance. Featured metrics at the top include NPS Score, Request Mode, Monthly Request by SMS and Email, and a customer profile count. Metrics adjust to reflect totals for any selected location and/or criteria.
  • Zero in on exactly the data you need. Clicking Filter drops down a selection of criteria including Locations, NPS, Tags, and Activity & Actions. Make multiple selects to sort data and create a custom view. More on this below…
  • You have to add customers to get feedback, so we made it easy. Add customers quickly by clicking + Add Customer to choose a location and add a single customer or import a customer list. There are many additional ways to add customers including integration with your systems and automating adding customers.
  • Shortcuts Delete or resend requests to customers, change the date range of data shown, and Export results to .pdf or .csv with a quick click.
  • Quick Sort Click a heading to quickly sort alphabetically by Customer Name, by NPS/Rating, Status, and Source.
  • Easily manage customers in one screen. Frequently used tools including View Profile, Show in Widget toggle, Resend a Request, and Respond are directly available in the Manage menu.

Robust Filter Helps You Do More In A Single Screen

We’ve put powerful segmentation capabilities at your fingertips with just a few clicks. Sort 1st-party review data by Location, NPS, Tags, and Activity & Actions. Make multiple selects from each to arrive at the information you need for the insights you’re looking for.

Locations (Labels and Super Groups) – Select one or multiple locations, labels (groups of locations) or super groups (groups of labels unique to accounts with 100+ locations). Save time with the Search function.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Select from Promoters 9-10, Passive 7-8, and/or Detractors 0-6. Select one, two, or all three.

Tags – Filter customer activity by tags you have applied to 1st-party reviews.
Want to learn more about how to apply and use tags? Read Tagging and Tag Review Widget.

Activity & Actions – This powerful list of selections allows you to customize your view according to a specific activity or action including:

  • Customer added – not sent
  • Request sent
  • 1st reminder sent
  • 2nd reminder sent
  • Opened – no feedback
  • Rating received
  • Feedback received
  • Click to review site
  • Unsubscribed
  • Published to Widget: ON
  • Published to Widget: OFF
  • Replied to
  • Not replied to

Customer Activity is a powerful tool that pulls together your customers experience and delivers it to your fingertips. Use it to fuel reputation, insights, marketing, SEO, and conversions. Read more on our blog Customer Activity Creates Efficient Workflow And Powers Actionable Insights.

Updated on March 4, 2019

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