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Tagging and Tag Reviews Widget


Using GatherUp to collect customer feedback and reviews provides a great way to understand customer sentiment and to build out content for a strong review page or a location landing page on your own website using our Review Widget.

Now it can also be used to build out compelling content for your product, service, service area or staff pages as well with our latest feature addition of custom Review Widgets using tags.

Tag Review Widget

When a business location receives feedback from a customer, they can now apply custom tags with each customer. These tags will give you the ability to create unique widget codes to place a group of custom 1st-party reviews on the webpage relevant to their purchase.

For example if you provided carpeting and flooring in Austin and Round Rock, TX (a suburb of Austin) you could have tags for each type of service or city serviced. You would then be able to create custom Tag Review Widgets that included unique reviews from your carpeting customers in Round Rock or your wood flooring customers in Austin.

The tagging is flexible and allows simple or more complex groupings of reviews to be placed on the relevant webpages. It’s a great way to pair relevant customer comments with your specific service, products or areas served.

The Benefits Of Tagging

The widget includes rich snippet review notation so those pages will have an opportunity to show in Google search with review stars. Review stars in the search results increase searcher click through rates even on pages that are lower in the search results. Google has reported this to be anywhere from a 10% to 20% increase in click through rates.

But the value of page specific reviews goes beyond just enhancing your search results. By putting actual customer feedback on the webpage relevant to a searcher’s interest, you can increase conversions of your website visitors.

In recent research by BrightLocal having review content on landing pages increased the perception of trustworthiness and more importantly increased the likelihood that the consumer would contact the business by a significant amount.

How It Works

There are three steps to the process; 1- adding tags to the customer feedback and 2- generating the custom Tag Review Widget and 3- placing the Tag Review Widget on the page you want it to appear on.

You can add tags directly upon upload of the customer spreadsheet, from the API or directly in the customer profile. The example below shows adding tags to a customer’s feedback.

Once the tags have been added, head over to the review widget (Settings > Review Widget). The first step is to open the General Review Widget Embed Code and let us know the URL of your review page and the anchor text you would like to use in your Tag Review Widget to link to the review page. Google requires that your location’s full set of reviews be linked from the aggregate schema we use in the widget.

Then open the Tag Review Widget & Badge Embed Code and choose +Create New Widget. This will allow you to name your new widget, define which tags are included and whether you include a link to your feedback form.

Copy the code and place it on the relevant product and service pages. If you are using WordPress be sure to do so, using our WordPress Plugin and you are good to go.

Now your reviews can be shared on pages for services , products and service areas that they are specific to. Use these custom Review Widgets throughout your site to increase your search visibility AND increase conversions.

Updated on August 25, 2018

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