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User Roles

This feature is not available at this time.
User Roles Target Release Date: Mid February 2020

When you add a user to GatherUp, you must select a user role. User roles assign permissions to a user such as the ability to read reviews, send requests, or access billing information. By default, each user role has a unique set of permissions designed to build teams that perform. You can also customize roles using User Role Permissions.

User Roles

User roles allow you to manage access to data and features for your team. Available user roles include:

  • Read Only: Can only read content and data, but not submit data
  • Contributor: Can access all content and data, add customers, reply and publish reviews
  • Team: Access and use of all core features
  • Manager: Use of all features and access to settings
  • Administrator: Full access to all features and can manage all settings, users, and billing
  • Account Owner: All permissions included

Default Permissions

The default permissions for user roles are as follows:

Read Reviews
View Reports
Reply to Reviews
Send Requests Manually
Add Customer
Import Customers
Send Requests Automatically
Show/Hide Review
Delete Customer
Request Modes
SMS Requests
Kiosk Mode
Review Widget
Tag Widget
Review Badge
Conversion Pop-Up
Brand and Colors
Online Review Links
Feedback Settings
Business Details
Add/Delete Users
Authorization Settings
Default Configuration
API Details
Add Location
Delete Location
News and Updates
Change Plans
User Role Permissions
Access Billing Info
Cancel Account
Account Owner

Agency Manager

For agency accounts, Agency Manager is available in addition to the roles above. By default, Agency Manager is assigned the same set of permissions as Manager as well as the following agency-only permissions:

  • Agency Dashboard
  • Create Client
  • Delete Client
  • Agency Default Configuration
Updated on January 20, 2020

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