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Featured, Video and Picture Testimonials

This post illustrates options and ideas on how to add image and video customer reviews to a website using the GatherUp.com Testimonials Widget.

The GatherUp testimonials widget and WordPress plugin allows you to add your own text above and below the widget code. This is the ideal place to highlight and feature customer reviews that are of particular importance to you.

Scenario #1 – Featured Image Testimonials

Having an image next to a testimonial is proven to be a very effective way to catch your visitors attention. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a customer that left you a great review using GatherUp and request the permission to use his/her image.

featured review and testimonal example

Scenario #2 – Featured Video Testimonials

You may also have the opportunity to record a video testimonial featuring a customer, project or both. Don’t stress over “Hollywood” like production quality. Keep it short and simple. Research shows that 90 seconds is the maximum length to get the highest amount of views.

video testimonial example

Automated Video and Image Testimonials – Why Not?

Question: Why does GatherUp not automate video and image testimonials like it does with written testimonials?

Answer: Video and images would require an automated screening method to avoid inappropriate content. Even Youtube and Vimeo are struggling with this. We will integrate such a feature as soon as a 100% reliable commercial solution becomes available.

Updated on June 5, 2014

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