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White-labeling GatherUp FAQ

What is White-labeling?

White-labeling means that all customer communication will contain your company name and/or logo. You will also have a login area for your customers (if desired).  Any mention, branding and links to and from GatherUp will be removed.

Can I add White-labeling to an existing account?

Yes – White-labeling can be added at any time to any existing account with zero downtime for you or your customers. A one time non-refundable setup fee of $250 applies for both new and existing accounts.

Is there are maximum amount of Businesses or Locations I can have?

No – There are no maximum (or minimum). You will qualify for discounted pricing tiers if you have multiple businesses. For a complete chart and all tiers visit our Multi Business Pricing page here.

How does the billing work?

You will be billed monthly for the amount of businesses you manage. See here for our pricing tiers and discounts that apply. This allows you to markup and invoice your clients directly and at any price you want. Many Agencies also bundle GatherUp with existing SEO, Content or Website Maintenance package that they are already offering to their clients.

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Can I offer Free Trials to my Customers?

Since you control the client billing and price you can offer free trials of any size and duration to your clients. However, you as the account owner will be charged for the amount of businesses in the system.

My clients are using WordPress – Is there a Plugin for showing Reviews on their site?

Yes, we have a GatherUp WordPress Plugin.

You can download a White-label version of the GatherUp WordPress Plugin here. Please note that the plugin only includes minimal instructions. If you are new to GatherUp we recommend installing the regular plugin on a sandbox or test WordPress install of yours.

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What do I need to get Started?

Please email us: support@GatherUp.com

What will the domain and login area URL look like?

The account will use a subdomain on a non-branded domain. This will prevent your customers from associating your Whitelabel instance with GatherUp. 

Optionally – You will be able to upload your own logo. If no logo is available we will use your business name.

Login Logo Size: We will scale your login logo if needed. However for best results we recommend resizing your logo before uploading it. The ideal width is 436px and as tall as you want.

Dashboard Logo Size:  We will scale your dashboard logo if needed. However for best results we recommend resizing your logo before uploading it. The ideal height is 43px and the maximum width is 200px.

Updated on September 17, 2018

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